Express Myself Before I…

I find myself holding back while writing this new tune.  I ask myself, am I holding back to protect the one I’m writing about or am I am I a chicken shit just trying to protect myself?  This has never been an issue for me before.  If I’m in love, I say it.  If I’m broken, I sing it.  I try not to wear my heart on my sleeve but rather express my emotions and experiences through lyrics.  I’ve tried to be as honest in my writing without being obvious.  I think I just needed to write this down to think out loud.  I just need to continue to be honest in my song writing and let the chips fall where they may.  Music has always been my therapy even before I learned to play a note.  So Vanida, continue to be honest and express yourself before you combust yourself.

Rebuilding Is A Bitch But Change Is Good

Whether I like it or not, God has thrown me another curve ball without a bat in hand. Is it scary? Yes. Is it my first curve ball? No nor will it be my last. All I can do is not complain, dust off the dirt and shake it off. Now it’s time to regroup and rebuild which can be a big pain in my ass. Figure out a new game plan and take more chances. Change is good, so they say. And dying leaves brings winter’s peace. I’m too stubborn to give in and give up which I’m not sure is a curse or a blessing. So anyway, pick a better bat and get back in the game Vanida because “There’s No Crying in Baseball!”

Keep your head up and only look down for the occasional man hole.